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Welcome to the home of the 82nd Signal Battalion, The Commander's Voice!

This website serves as a one-stop, collaborative effort full with information derived from historical documentation to personal knowledge in an ongoing effort to recognize and honor the 82nd Signal Battalion and all of the troopers who fell into its ranks throughout its proud history.

I mentioned collaborative and personal knowledge, without either this website will not be able to grow. I challenge each trooper out there to share whatever knowledge you may have so I can accurately publish that information into our website.

My personal vision is to develop a website that is so rich with information, that the reader, whomever they may be, can paint a mental picture and understand what we did to ensure the 82nd Airborne Division could communicate throughout all phases of its mission.

If this is your first time visiting the website and you are seeking information concerning the July 2010 Reunion, please click on the Reunion 2010 link at the top of this webpage. It will direct you to another webpage within this website that providse basic and periodically updated information along with hyperlinks to an assortment of information and contact data!



23 September 2014

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